NK City - an ode to my hometown Neunkirchen

Vitaritus Feld Neuenkirchen
© "Blick über Neuenkirchen" von Pauline Beckmann, 06. Juli 2020

Hello Staycationer, with Pauline's post from Wabi-Sabi about her home town Neuenkirchen our Favourite Places week starts. Have fun reading!

Traveling is a great experience. Within a few hours you are somewhere else and suddenly everything is fascinating. The people. The nature. Yeah, even the buildings. But we always overlook the fact that world-forgotten spots can literally be right on our doorstep.  Read more...

Frankfurt meets Chicago

Frankfurt Skyline

Hello dear Staycationer, today I would like to bring the city feeling of the USA to Germany. In Germany there is a city called Mainhattan - do you know it? It is Frankfurt am Main, one of the few cities in Europe that has skyscrapers. When I walk through Frankfurt, the American city feeling comes up a bit and I would feel like going to Frankfurt airport and catching the next flight to the USA. At the moment it's not possible, so get the American City Feeling at home - travel to Frankfurt am Main. Read more...

Camping Feeling USA bring home

Grand Canyon Camping

Hello dear Staycationer, welcome to the USA week. When I think of infinite freedom and many adventures, the USA is definitely one of them, including a camping road trip. In 2014 I was able to fulfill a great dream - a round trip along the west coast. When I think about it, I still get goose bumps everywhere.  Read more...